Minister ~ Reverend Jacqui Horton

Tittleshall 9:30am
5th September Fellowship*
12th September Pippa Cook
19th September Fellowship*
26th September Aileen Fox

Litcham 10:30am
5th September Fellowship*
12th September Graham Pickhaver
19th September Harvest Thanksgiving
26th September Fellowship*

*Fellowship services have no appointed Leader, we organise the Service among ourselves.


I cannot believe that by the time you read this two thirds of the year will have gone by, and what a year we have seen.
With the Government guidance seeming to change every other day, it is very much a ‘fingers crossed’ situation when one of us sits down to write these notes, never sure of how the situation might change by the publication date.
At the time of writing, both of our chapels are meeting on a weekly basis, and although mask wearing is no longer mandatory, everyone is thinking that it is the wise thing to do.  Should anyone wish to join us and feels happier not wearing a mask for whatever reason, we will of course respect their decision.
Tittleshall have resumed their Wednesday coffee mornings, but at Litcham we are hanging fire until the beginning of October.  More news of that next month.
We are celebrating Harvest Thanksgiving at Litcham on September 19th and would be glad to see anyone who would like to come and join us.
I have just realised that the next time I am on the rota to write these notes it will be for the December issue, and the ‘C’ word will be looming large.  Wow!

I’m closing this month with some words I discovered in a very old book, collected by someone called F. Wilson.  They are as true today as when they were written.

‘Laughter has no colour, creed, age, nationality or prejudice.
Neither does it have any equal.’

Keep smiling, Stephen Lynn

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