Minister ~ Reverend Jacqui Horton
Steward ~ Stephen Lynn

LITCHAM 10:30am

Hopefully both Tittleshall and Litcham chapels will be re-opening for morning worship
on Easter Sunday, April 4th at the above times.


The notes for April are written at the beginning of March.  Little did we know when we wrote the notes this time last year what 2020 would bring but as we have now been given the ‘roadmap to recovery’ we must focus on the future.  Everything looks promising but there are no guarantees and we must all play our part, remain vigilant and continue to follow the rules.  In the words of the late Captain Sir Tom Moore “TOMORROW WILL BE A GOOD DAY.”

The 1st of April this year falls during Holy Week, the week before Easter.  Holy Week gives us an opportunity to reflect on the last week of Jesus’ earthly life.  Unfortunately, for the second year running, we have not been able to meet together for the Palm Sunday procession or the Walk of Witness on Good Friday but, if all goes according to plan, we are hoping to hold services at both Tittleshall and Litcham chapels on Easter Sunday morning at the times stated.  Both services will give us the chance to share our Easter joy in the glory of the risen Lord.
We have been sorting through lots of books recently and in one of them we found a bookmark from the United Christian Broadcasters.  This was written on it.  We will share it with you now.

Eternal – God offers the gift of Eternal life to all who believe in him, (John 3:16)
Accepted –  We are Accepted in Jesus Christ, (Ephesians 1:6)
Saved – Anyone can be Saved if they believe, (Ephesians 2:8)
Transformation  – Only real and lasting Transformation takes place in Jesus Christ, (2 Corinthians 5:17)
Endures  – God’s love Endures forever, (Psalm100:5)
Resurrected – As Jesus was Resurrected, so will all who believe in Him, (John  11:25-26)

Every blessing at Eastertide.  Veronica and Albert Little.

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