Tittleshall Methodist Chapel
invites you to
Sunday March 24th at 3pm
at the Thursford Collection, NR21 0AS

In Aid Of Action For Children Free Tickets Available from Stephen Lynn (01328) 700978


Tittleshall 9:30am
February 3rd     Avril Temple
February 10th   Pippa Cook
February 17th   Local Arrangement
February 24th   Revd Andrew King (Holy Communion)

Litcham 10:30am
February 3rd     Samantha Parfitt (Café Style Worship)
February 10th   Local Arrangement
February17th    Jacky Woor
February 24th   Local Arrangement


Tittleshall 9:30am

March 3rd      Local Arrangement
March 10th    Rev Andrew King
March 17th    Jackie Woor
March 24th    Pippa Cook
March 31st     Local Arrangement

Litcham 10:30am
March 3rd      Glyn and Angela Constantine (Café Church)

March 10tth   Elsie Warby
March 17th    Rev Andrew King (holy Communion)
March 24th    Local Arrangement
March 31st     Stephen Lynn


Sunday March 24th at 3pm at the Thursford Collection, NR21 0AS

In Aid of Action for Children
Free Tickets Available from Stephen Lynn (01328) 700978

Wednesday 20thMarch from 11:30am to 1:00pm

Come and enjoy some company
A warming bowl of home-made soup a desert plus tea or coffee
Vegetarian and gluten-free diets catered for.
You are invited to donate as much as you wish for your meal.
Proceeds in aid of Tittleshall Methodist Chapel funds.

On the 2nd Friday of each month at Methodist Chapel in Litcham at 10am
Interesting discussions and much laughter plus coffee.

ALL welcome to come.


Formerly known as The Women’s World Day of Prayer.  This year’s service will take place in Tittleshall Methodist Chapel at 2:30pm on Friday 1st March.
The service this year has been written by the women of Slovenia and as usual is open for men to attend.  The event is organised by a small committee for mid Norfolk and is open to everyone, with participants drawn from villages within and without our benefice.
Further details Miss Isabel Stoney contact details at the front of C&V

Litcham Quarterly Queryists
Our Spring meeting will be held at Litcham chapel on Tuesday, March 28th at 7.30 pm. When our speaker will be Prof. Sam Leimster, Professor Emeritus of Medical Education at the UEA.
His topic will be, ‘Making sense of suffering, a Christian perspective.’
Sam Leinster, Professor Emeritus of Medical Education at the University of East Anglia, and also a Christian, will address this question at Litcham Methodist Church on Thursday 28th March at 7:30pm. Admission: Free
After initially serving in the RAF, Sam Leinster has had a long career in medicine, including working as a breast cancer surgeon. In 2001 he became the first Dean of the University of East Anglia’s new medical school. He will speak about the problem of suffering from his perspective as a Christian who believes in a loving God. All are welcome, whatever your beliefs, to what promises to be a very interesting talk, with the opportunity to ask questions.
Sam is recognised as one of the countries leading authorities in the country, and we are so lucky to have the opportunity to hear him speak.
There will also be a Q & A session, do come and join us for what should be an evening to remember.

Purchase a Pane Appeal
As you are probably aware, we are replacing the windows in Litcham chapel over the next few weeks.
We are working towards raising the finance required, and have already raised the bulk of the money.
We would like to offer you the chance to become involved, and are  launching our ‘Purchase a pane’ appeal.
We are asking for a donation of £20 for each pane in the new windows. The donation might be a personal or family donation, or perhaps your family has a past association with the chapel which you like to commemorate.
The plan is to erect a plaque in the chapel listing all those making a donation in alphabetical order. Should you wish to make your donation anonymous. this will be quite acceptable.
If you would like more details, please contact Stephen Lynn on (01328)700978..


I wonder how you are feeling now that we are in February?  Does is seem as if there is still a long time until the beginning of spring? Look out for flowering snowdrops; their growth is triggered by a cold snap with frost.  Catkins covered with yellow pollen may be visible on hazel trees and buds may be developing on elder trees.  Bluebell leaves may be pushing through the insulating fallen leaves too.  You could see butterflies if the day is still, relatively warm and sunny.  You may even spot a bumble bee queen by the end of the month! Rooks are very vocal as they rebuild their nests.  The song thrush will be heard by now.  I listened to its song online; it’s amazing! So, with all those positive signs, as Shelley wrote “…can spring be far behind?”
The word ‘February’ is derived from the Latin ‘februa’, the name of a purification feast held on the 15th of the month (the Ides) and it was the last month of the ancient Roman calendar, in which people were ritually washed.
In 2019, Shrove Tuesday falls on the 12th, with Lent beginning on 13th; Ash Wednesday.  During Lent last year, I read about marking this forty-day period with a daily Random Act of Kindness.  If that length of time seems impossible, I note that the 17th is a single day dedicated to just that.

The following quotation from Leo Buscaglia may provide inspiration:

“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the power to turn a life around.”

It is surprising how good such gestures can make the donor feel, as well as the recipient.

Liz Lodge

P.S. Litcham Chapel’s Christmas collections raised £165 for Action for Children.

Mr Stephen Lynn, 34 Manor Drive

Tel: 01328 700 978