Minister ~ Reverend Jacqui Horton
Steward ~ Stephen Lynn

All services at our Methodist churches have
been suspended for the time being.
Any updates will be posted on the chapel notice boards.
If anyone would care to share in Methodist services or other on-line activities simply Google ‘Central Norfolk Methodist Circuit’
where you will find various links.

‘Terms and conditions apply.’

With this New Year I am reminded of something else new, found in St John’s Gospel chapter 13, verse 34: “And now I give you a new commandment: love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” How can we show Christian love in action when all of us are expected to stay at home?
I received an Advent calendar containing chocolates last year and beneath each one I was delighted to find a suggestion that would brighten not only someone else’s life but also my own. Most were, sadly and unsurprisingly, impractical due to restrictions but ideas worth consideration included contacting someone living on their own or someone you have not heard from in a while, sending a thank you note expressing appreciation and doing something for the local community.
I lost touch with a friend some years after leaving College but in 2013, when discussing the idea of a reunion, another friend was able to give me her email address. Since then we have met up numerous times, we phone/write letters/text/email regularly and she has become like a sister to me. What a blessing!
Just today I had an email from someone living a long way away who has links with my village. She had received the Newsletter I edit and told me how she loved being able to catch up with the local news. I was really touched and replied to her email and then she replied to mine …
Having someone collect items from you for the local Food Bank would help maintain a vital lifeline for the increasing number of members of the community in need. It could mean they can manage to eat as well as heat their homes.
A financial donation to a charity, however small, would be very welcome. I highlight here the Sir Norman Lamb Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund, (part of the Norfolk Community Foundation), for children, teenagers and young people. Its aim is to “address the longer-term psychological impact of the pandemic and work not just to deal with crises as they happen, but focus on prevention and early support to stop deterioration of health.”
I pray for increasing freedom for us all to engage as communities again and that the wonderful acts of kindness shown during these challenging times, known and unknown, will continue when a more ‘normal’ way of life can resume.
Liz Lodge

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