All Saint’s Church

On-line February Services

Upper Nar and Launditch Group of Parishes


Team Vicar: Reverend Julia Hemp
The Vicarage, 4 Lodge Farm Meadows, Gressenhall, NR20 4TN
Contact:  01362 861380 or email: reverendjulia@gmail.com

Curate: Miriam Fife (Acting Team Rector)
The Rectory, Litcham Rd. Gt Dunham PE32 2LQ
Phone: 01328 700765 or email: miriam.fife@btinternet.com

Revd Mother Shawn Marie Tomlinson, (Curate)
Email: mthrshawntomlinson@gmail.com

Church Wardens
Mr J. O. Birkbeck, Litcham Hall, Lexham Rd.
Mr R. C. Vogt, The Cottage, Pound Lane
PCC Secretary
Mrs. Karen Moore, Point House, Back Street, Litcham – Telephone 01328 700313

Methodist Chapel


Steward: Mr Stephen Lynn
34 Manor Drive, Litcham
Tel: (01328) 700 978