All Saint’s Church

Upper Nar and Launditch Group of Parishes


We must never forget the number of deaths the corona virus has caused, nor the cost to businesses, the loss of jobs, isolation or the effect on mental health. But there have been so many silver linings; as The Queen said, “our streets are not empty, they are full of love”. The environment has improved and if we take care, perhaps we will have fewer deaths through respiratory disease. Kindness has spread through our villages and towns. People who did not know each other are having conversations from their doorsteps. Meals and gifts are being taken to hospital staff. All sorts of people are delivering food parcels and essentials. People are being shopped for and protected at home. Children are writing to residential home residents. People are realising all sorts of creative skills and jokes on social media are hilarious. NHS staff and other frontline workers are risking their lives for the sake of others This to me is the Christian story. This is what resurrection means. Resurrection is not something which belongs to the church, Resurrection is LOVE alive in the world. Love is never defeated. This bible passage is often read at weddings and funerals.
Heather Butcher

Hebrews 13
“Love is patient and kind
Love envies no one, is never boastful
Never conceited
Never rude
Never quick to take offence.
Love keeps no score of wrongs
There is nothing Love cannot face
There is no limit to its Faith,
its Hope its Endurance”


Team Rector: The Reverend Canon HEATHER BUTCHER
The Rectory, Pound Lane, Litcham, PE32 2QR
Contact : 01328 700071 – email canonhdb@gmail.com

Team Vicar: Reverend Julia Hemp
The Vicarage, 4 Lodge Farm Meadows, Gressenhall, NR20 4TN
Contact:  01362 861380 or email: reverendjulia@gmail.com

Curate: Miriam Fife
01328 700765 or email: miriam.fife@btinternet.com

Church Wardens
Mr J. O. Birkbeck, Litcham Hall, Lexham Rd.
Mr R. C. Vogt, The Cottage, Pound Lane
PCC Secretary
Mrs. Karen Moore, Point House, Back Street, Litcham – Telephone 01328 700313

Methodist Chapel

Services at 10.30am every Sunday
Located on Front Street

Minister in Charge: Revd Andrew King

Steward: Mr Stephen Lynn
34 Manor Drive, Litcham
Tel: (01328) 700 978