Litcham Relief in Need Charity

Manor Drive

Do you need some financial help?

Do you live within the parish of Litcham?

If you’re suffering from financial hardship and have to meet an unexpected expense then the Trustees of Litcham Relief in Need Charity may be able to help.
Here are some examples of things we can help with:

  • Buying books or specialised equipment for those going to college or taking up an apprenticeship.
  • A grant towards a school uniform for your child for September.
  • Medical or funeral expense.
  • Helping a victim of crime.
  • Special payments to meet sudden distress
  • Supporting a village organisation

All applications will be dealt with in total confidence.

Each year the Trustees can contribute about £1,000 towards financial aid for individual parishioners or organisations.

The purpose of the charity is :
To apply the income of the Charity in relieving either generally or individually persons resident in the Parish of Litcham who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress by making grants of money or providing or paying for items. services or facilities calculated to reduce the need, hardship or distress of such persons.

Applications (in writing) are invited from any parishioner or organisation within Litcham who feels the charity might consider helping them or their organisation.
Applications should be sent to one of the Trustees.

Current Trustees

  • Liz Christie. chairman ( co-opted trustee) re appointed on 9th October 2017 for five years.
  • John Jones (parish council nominated ) to be re appointed 16th April 2018 for four years.
  • Paul Snelling (parish council nominated) to be re appointed 7th September 2018 for four years.
  • John Archer (co-opted trustee) appointed for four years until 5th October 2020.
  • Mary Anderson (co-opted trustee) appointed for five years until 6th June 2022.

Origin of the Litcham Relief in Need Charity
The Litcham Relief in Need Charity is a local charity with a small income derived from the rental of a field in Litcham and from the Litcham Allotment Gardens.  

  1. The current Charity is a combination of several local charities:
  2. John Halcott’s Almshouses founded by will in 1677
  3. The Charity of William Allees’s Charity founded by will in 1629
  4. Sir Thomas Wodehouse’s Charity granted by deed poll in 1634
  5. The Charity of the Unknown Donor granted by deeds dated 1709 and 1815
  6. The Charity of John Copeman Lound granted in a deed dated 1889
  7. The Charity of John Glover granted by deeds in 1741

These were amalgamated in one Charity in 1993 by the Charity Commision under The Litcham Relief in Need Charity Trust Scheme.

Rules of the Charity

Click here to download The Litcham Relief in Need Charity Trust Scheme (pdf 2.3Mb)

This is the document (or “Trust Scheme”) that set up the Charity in 1994 and which lays out the rules under which the Charity should operate.

Charity Commission Review August 2010
In August the Charity Commission held an in-depth review of the background, history and activities of the Charity and found that the co-opted Trustees have been carrying out their duties correctly. Accordingly, they  have upheld the decision of the co-opted Trustees to dismiss the previous nominated Trustees for non-attendance at meetings. The co-opted Trustees are now pleased to welcome Paul Snelling and Trevor Carter as nominated Trustees, who were appointed at the September meeting of the Parish Council.
The co-opted Trustees hope that the recent difficult episodes are now closed.  We would like to thank Lyn Jones, all the members of LALGA for their hard work in regenerating the allotments, which form a major part of the charity’s income.  They are now a credit to the village and an important community asset of which we are all justly proud.

Reports to the Annual Parish Meeting : 200620092010

See also the notes on the History of the Allotments