2 0 1 5 ~ SNOW WHITESnow_white_and_the_seven_dwarves-1

For those of you who missed it, Snow White was a great success, despite all the problems
 – sickness, travel traumas, family crises, disintegrating costumes and missing words
 – we hope those watching didn’t notice!! Thank you – to so many people – not least our
audiences; without your support we would never have made a profit!  We hope to be
able to announce soon more details, including the destination of the charitable
donations we will make from the proceeds….  watch this space!
It is amazing what a difference an audience can make… we had lots of children on
Thursday, and mostly adults on Friday, and they laugh at different things!  Saturday
night was almost a sell out and a good mixed audience who laughed at everything, which always has a great effect on the cast.
Thank you also to so many other people who supported us in painting and transporting scenery, providing props, operating the lighting and sound, video-recording, making refreshments, helping set up, chauffeuring actors to rehearsals, understudying parts, making costumes, printing, selling tickets, clearing up after us – and lots more.  So many people, it’s hard to pick out a few to name, so we’re not going to – you know who you are!  Thank you; we’d never have survived without you all.
So having completed Panto 2015, thoughts immediately turn to next year!!  The committee will meet in March to decide the title of the next show and sort out the major backstage roles such as writer,  Director and Producer.  If you’d like to volunteer for one of these roles, contact Nita Jackman, the current chair of the group,  The other vital ingredient will of course be actors!  There will be an appeal in the summer for people to volunteer, or you can just turn up to a meeting (Thursdays from September onwards).  There will be auditions for the parts – so you come along, look at the script, and read the part you like; then the Director will make a casting decision.  There will be parts for everyone, speaking or non-speaking, dancing, singing, or helping backstage in some way.  It is great to have understudies too, especially for the major roles, as this year proved only too well when one poor cast member was ill on the first night!
We are also hoping to have a stall at the village fete to raise funds to support the show; volunteers to help run this would be appreciated, and it’s another place you can offer yourself as a participant as well.
Onwards and upwards!

2 0 1 4


2 0 1 2 ~ PUSS IN BOOTS


Several sightings around the village!
Woodlands cut back in the hunt for this elusive wild cat.
The days roll by-where could it possibly be…

Then a definite sighting, in fact several hundred sightings as the canny beast is tracked down to the stage of Litcham High School. Yes folks, it was pantomime time and those intrepid thespians of “Litcham Entertainment Group(LEGS) delivered a feast to be savoured- “Puss in Boots”. Playing to packed audiences every night the cast created an aura of fantasy that left the audiences rolling with laughter as they enjoyed the unique LEGS style of acting laced with buckets of humour as well as lines often remembered( now that is worrying!).
The show had everything from perhaps the tallest cat ever seen in pantomime through to a 90 year old heckler! With Orson Carte tickling the “ivories” plus the skills of the back stage crew the pantomime could not fail to please with many positive comments and queries as to what we shall be doing next year. Well, provided that the call to the West End does not come first LEGS will be back next year so watch out for further information.
Once again none of this would be possible without the tremendous support from the local community who year on year ensure we play to a full house. To the cast and the back room team who give up their time voluntarily. To our front of house and refreshment teams who ensure that things run smoothly on the night. To Michael Fuller(our rather special butcher) who handles the ticket sales and to Billy at Litcham High School who ensures things go to plan with the setting-up. Whilst we worked hard to keep admission prices at £3.50 LEGS should be able to make donations to local charities once all the bills have been paid.
To you all; a very BIG LEGs thank you and if you would like to get involved either on stage or behind we would love to have you. No experience necessary so call Judith on 01362 820750.


Another Splendid Success!

`The show must go on!`, to quote that well known phrase from Freddie Mercury.
Despite some challenges along the way plus a few personal problems amongst the cast, the show did go on with “Dick Whittington and his cat”  performing to full houses; every performance was different and no performance was perfect! Yet the audiences loved it! Hopefully when the finances are confirmed, we will be able to contribute to one or two local charities: so watch this space!
“LEGS” would not happen if it wasn’t for the wonderful support from our audiences plus the commitment of the cast. So thank you! Credit must certainly go to a few key people as well- without them we would not have had a pantomime: The wonderful skills of our pianist, Marion Boenisch; the proficiency and enthusiasm of our stage manager, Matt Cross and the back stage crew who were suddenly expected to ‘put scenery’ together, (some of which was created by members of our cast). Plus the support and dedication of co-producers, Mary Osborne and Judith Semmons. A special mention to Michael Fuller -master butcher and our ticket office supremo and Ailsa Warburton who ran a superb “front of house” team. Also to our catering team, headed by Jeanette Mitchell and Hortons Printing for all they provide for the production.
During our last performance, the show nearly didn’t go on. At the interval the stage lighting failed. We couldn’t quite work out how it could be rectified in such a short space of time but Matt did it – thank goodness!
We were delighted to welcome a considerable number of newcomers to our group with has an age range of 10 to 90!-.but we always need more! If performing on stage does not appeal we could certainly use the skills of a seamstress, a carpenter- in fact just another pair of hands! Whatever you can offer, we will probably take it! So here’s to the next performance!
Ian Semmons, Press Officer

2 0 0 9 ~ Jack and the Beanstalk

Giant steps herald the return of L.E.G.S.
Litcham reverberated to the sound of laughter with the welcome return of Litcham Entertainment Groups’ popular pantomime. This year it was “Jack and the Beanstalk” superbly written by Mark Bodicoat with adaptations by co-producers Judith Semmons and Mary Osborne supported by the excellent set design and lighting of Matt Cross. With full houses on every night the audiences enjoyed a splendid evening of entertainment and enjoyment interspersed with the usual mix of corny jokes.
Much credit must go to a cast including several who had never appeared on stage before who delivered what has generally been regarded as the best pantomime that LEGS has staged.  It was wonderful to receive so much support from the local community which ensured the success of the show enabling donations to be made to charity-thank you all.  In addition the ” behind the scenes” assistance that ensured everything went smoothly was much appreciated.
Against this background we hope to back next year with another production.

2008  ~ ALLADIN

2 0 0 7  ~ CINDERELLA

Litcham Entertainment Group arrived with a bang on the 12th of January with the first performance of Stephen Lynn’s hilarious version of ’Cinderella’.  Showcasing a wealth of local talent the show ran for three nights, two of which were completely sold out.
Members of the Parish Council commented on it’s success at a recent meeting and praised the cast and crew and wish to publicly thank all concerned for their not inconsiderable effort in bringing such a bold venture to fruition. The Parish Council wishes the Litcham Entertainment Group good fortune with it’s next production and wishes to assure the organisation of it’s continued support of what it considered an important and valuable local asset.
A huge thank you to all of you who came along and supported us and to all those who were instrumental in any way, to putting this production on. It has been a long, hard road. Hopefully enough of our company will be inspired to carry on and may be some of you would like to come along and “have a go”, just like most of our happy gang did when we began.