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Digest of the meetings of
Litcham Parish Council 

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Extracts first appeared in  the Church and Village in September 2007 in order to keep the village better informed about the activities of the Parish Council. They are written by the Clerk and approved by the Chairman within a week of the meeting and published in the Church and Village around three weeks after the meeting. Prior to this date the minutes were published only after the minutes had be approved by the whole council at the next meeting of the Council usually.  Thus they were not widely available to the public until at least two months after the meeting.

They are not an official record of the meeting
and have not been approved by the Parish Council.

Litcham Parish Clerk: Mrs Donna Secker
4 Castle Green, Mileham, King’s Lynn, Norfolk, PE32 2RL
Tel: 07846 350451   email: pclitcham@gmail.com