Litcham Common ~ Awards

On 19th July 2016 the Management Committee was presented with a further Community Biodiversity Award at the Norfolk Biodiversity Partnership’s annual awards ceremony, this time in the Commons and Greens category.
The judging panel said that they were highly impressed by:

“…all that has been achieved by the volunteers in recent years to manage Litcham Common sustainably using cattle, whilst keeping the wider community fully engaged and updated.”

Community Biodiversity Site Award 2011

On 12 July 2011 the Management Committee was presented with the Community Biodiversity Site Award at the Norfolk Biodiversity Partnership’s annual awards ceremony. The chief judge made the following comments:

  ‘I think the other judges felt that it was an excellent, well-rounded project with clear biodiversity aims  (and  achievements) and ample evidence of public participation, both in carrying out the actual work and being able to take advantage of the benefits.  The excellent website was also remarked upon.  From my own point of view, it was the re-introduction of grazing to the common that I was most impressed by…  The fact that your group has succeeded in re-introducing grazing and you now, once again, have a living, working common will be a great encouragement to others.

On the 11th of November 2010 Litcham Common Management Committee was presented with an award for the Grazing Scheme. The judges made a presentation about the Common in which they paid tribute not only to the importance of the site as a nature reserve, but also to the way in which local people have become involved in a variety of ways. We are the proud owners of a certificate, now on display in the Jubilee Hall, and a brass plaque displayed on the common information board.

Award certificates were also collected by Neil Foster on behalf of Lexham Hall Estate, and Sarah Cureton on behalf of
Norfolk County Council, in recognition of the important roles they have each played in reinstating grazing on the Common.