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We are a group of volunteers who have been helping to carry our management work on the common since 2004. Tasks include cutting and burning scrub, litter picks, clearing footpaths, pulling up ragwort and repairs to fencing and benches.

The group is affiliated to The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) Please include a link to their website: which is a national charity that supports community volunteers. We are also grateful to Litcham Parish Council which provides an annual grant that pays for our insurance and some other expenses.
We generally meet on the 2nd Saturday of each month, starting at 10 am in the car park. Children are welcome but they must be carefully supervised by their parents. We usually carry on until at least lunchtime, depending on the weather, how much work there is still to do and how enthusiastic we feel!
New recruits are welcome and tools/protective gloves supplied. Don’t worry if you can’t spare the whole morning; even if you only come for an hour or so we will still be pleased to see you. Contact Tim Angell on 01328 700045 for more information.

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Task Dates for 2020
11th January – 8th February – 14th March – 11th April – 9th May – 13th June – 11th
8th August – 12th September – 10th October – 14th November – 12th December

Conservation Group Reports to Annual Parish Meeting:

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see also Management Reports on the Management page

The group is insured through the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers and has received support from The Chestnut Fund (a registered charity), Ben Burgess Ltd, Litcham Parish Council and Larking Gowen (chartered accountants).

◈  Introduction  ◈  Management  ◈  Ponies  ◈ Conservation Group ◈  Gallery ◈