Curtain Up!
by Peter Quilter

A warm-hearted comedy about a group of  women who inherit a run-down theatre and their brave attempt to bring  it back to life. Five talented actors from Litcham Entertainment Group  have been rehearsing the play over the winter months and performances  will take place at The Jubilee Hall in Litcham on Friday 5th and  Saturday 6th April at 7.30 pm. Our aim is to raise as much money as possible for the refurbishment of the hall, and to give you a lovely  evening out, so do come and see it.
Tickets, which cost £ 7.50 are available in person from Litcham Post Office Stores or by telephone from Val Horton 01328 700909.
Young people would, as ever, be very welcome, but we suggest that the play is suitable for those aged 10 upwards. It is a fast-paced and very funny comedy, often touching and thought-provoking, which will warm your heart and make you laugh.
Paul Hands


Christmas Lunch & Bazaar

First, our thanks to all who made the Christmas Lunch and Bazaar such a great success.  We raised £500 despite there being a lot of Christmas Fairs in other villages – so that was particularly good.  Thank you all who helped in any way and for coming. The backroom music was an added bonus and helped with the ambiance.  Thank you André for that.
Our next fundraiser is the Lexham Hall Snowdrop Walk.  We organise the refreshments in aid of Litcham All Saints Church by kind permission of Mr & Mr Neil Foster.  We need lots of soup, cakes and sausage rolls, please.  It is on Sunday 10th February from 11 am to 4pm.
We all wish you a very Happy and Peaceful New Year.
Love and God Bless, June Bevan


The group has grown from three initial members to fourteen members with a mixture of ages and weights, each of us with our own reasons for joining and with our own targets.  The group is doing fantastically well and we are losing over a stone a week on average between us.  With fourteen weeks to summer we are looking to challenge others to join us in order to feel more ready for summer.
Meetings are held in the Jubilee Hall every Monday at 9:30am.
Rebecca Abram