There have been numerous enquiries regarding plans for the hall.  Mary Anderson has kindly produced a chart of our progress which you can see pinned up around the village.

One reason for the delay is that the plans have been in the hands of the council and only recently have they given permission to get quotations, for which we are now waiting.

As it proved popular, there will be another Brunch around September. Watch this space!

June Bevan (01328) 700 274


The group has grown from three initial members to fourteen members with a mixture of ages and weights, each of us with our own reasons for joining and with our own targets.  The group is doing fantastically well and we are losing over a stone a week on average between us.  We are looking to challenge others to join us in order to feel more ready for summer.
Meetings are held in the Jubilee Hall every Monday at 9:30am.
Rebecca Abram