2019 – 20

Litcham Parish Council Accounts
for period ending March 31st 2020

Payments & Receipts

Accounting Statement

Internal Audit

Governance Statement

Certificate of Exemption

Electors Rights

Your Right to Inspect the Council’s Accounts
The council’s annual audit is conducted under the provisions of the Audit Commission Act 1998, the Accounts and Audit Regulations 2003 and the Audit Commission’s Code of Practice.

The audit of the accounts of Litcham Parish Council is carried out by:
Audit Commission
Second Floor, Midland House

Notte Street, Plymouth

Clerk of the Council (Parish Clerk): Bryan Leigh
Dawn Meadow, Fakenham Road, East Bilney, Dereham, NR20 4HT.

Tel: 01362-861-112
e-mail : bryan.leigh@btinternet.com