Breckland, Kings Lynn and West Norfolk and North Norfolk Councils are delighted to be launching a new free weekly kerbside collection service to residents in partnership with Serco.
From 30th January residents will be able to recycle used household batteries.  The collections will be weekly, so residents just need to place their used household batteries in a freezer bag, or similar sized clear bag, on top of either their black or green bin on their usual collection day for them to be recycled.  It is important that the batteries are placed on top of the bins because if they are not separated, they will go into the body of the vehicle where they risk being crushed which can cause vehicle fires and fires at the processing facility.
Batteries are made from many different materials including lithium-ion (used in laptop batteries), zinc (used in AA batteries) and nickel cadmium (used in power tool batteries); all are recycled into their component parts.  The recovered materials can be used to manufacture new batteries and electronics; they can also be used in the steel industry and even in paint production.


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