Escape of the ponies!

Thank you to everyone who let us know that two of our ponies were on the loose at the beginning of February, and especially those who helped us persuade them back onto the common, fortunately without mishap.  The culprits were Nigel and Joshua who found a weakness in the fence; we are grateful to HGL Fencing for repairing the damaged section so promptly.

The oldest parts of the fence-line date back to 2008 and up until now repairs have been carried out as and when required, but we are in the process of applying for a grant in order to make the entire fence as robust as possible for the foreseeable future.

Dogs on the common

Now that we are entering the bird nesting season and reptiles are coming out of hibernation, we would like to remind dog owners that Litcham Common’s Byelaws state that dogs must be kept under close control at all times.  If in doubt please keep your pet on a lead to avoid disturbance to wildlife.

Please also clear up after your dog and then dispose of the waste properly.  Some people seem to think it is acceptable to hang full dog poo bags in bushes, or just leave them on the path for other people to deal with later.  This is bizarre anti-social behaviour that is difficult to understand.

We know that the vast majority of people act responsibly when walking their dogs on the common and care a great deal about the environment, but unfortunately we are also aware of some instances recently when this has not been the case.

Litcham Common Management Committee


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