Our village Jubilee Hall was built in 1845.  It is a valuable community space available for the use of the village’s approximately 600 residents.  For many years it has been in a poor state of decoration and repair.  It has numerous problems including damp, but is generally in poor condition inside and out.  Therefore it desperately needs renovating and updating if it is to become a much needed asset to our village and wider community.
Prior to ‘Covid’ a village hall management committee was formed to take stock of the building as it was then and of the hall’s potential financial future.  Some funding was obtained that allowed plans and building permissions to proceed.  The objective then was, and still is, to restore the hall as a functional building for the benefit of the whole community and to create an inviting and active community hub that will be sustainable, easy to run and maintain.  Among the planned renovations would be new toilets including disabled access, a larger extended well equipped kitchen, new heating and lighting fixtures and a sympathetically decorated interior and exterior.  The current trust fundraising team will be applying for funding and grants to enable this project to progress further.
In order to apply for these we require feedback from the local community to find out if the renovated building would be used sufficiently enough to warrant the cost invested and to consider the financial viability into the future.
Therefore would you please be kind enough to fill in the questionnaire and upon completion hand it into the Village Post Office & Stores by 24th February 2023 (a special box will be available).  Extra questionnaires will also be available there should you need them. 
Thank You, Val Horton


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