September meeting

At September’s Parish Council meeting which was attended by 6 Councillors and 2 members of the public the following was considered:Litcham Parish Council have appointed a new clerk due to the previous clerk retiring. The Councillors welcomed Donna Secker. 

Resignation: Unfortunately, Councillor Anderson has resigned from Litcham Parish Council. The Councillors thanked her for all her hard work, she has been a Councillor for Litcham for more than 10 years. She will be sadly missed.
County Councillor and District Councillors report
County Councillor Kiddle-Morris distributed the latest Norfolk County Council report (NCC).“Planning for the Future” The government is currently consulting on radical proposals to reform the planning system. The consultation started on the 6th August and will run until the 29th October. The paper outlines 5 fundamental proposal. Streamline the planning process, modernise the planning process, new focus on design and sustainability and improve infrastructure. This will be implemented within the next 12 months.“Changes to the current planning system” is also running from 6th August until 1st October. The changes are: amendment to the standard method of assessing housing need: securing first homes which are sold at a discount to first time buyers. Raising the small site threshold below which developers are not required to contribute affordable housing from the current 10 dwellings to 40 or 50 to support SME builders.A further consultation ending on 30th October is underway called “Transparency and competition” which is proposing changes to improve the transparency of contractual mechanisms used to exercise control over lands.All details on the document mentioned above and how to respond to the consultation are available on the website.Matters for report: 9 Dereham Road, This has been passed to Breckland Council who are now responsible for this property. The Clerk will write to Breckland to find out the current situation as the property is now causing concern.Councillor Fagence received a letter form the owners regarding the danger of the trees that have Tree preservation order on Tittleshall road. The clerk will write to the Tree Preservation officer to find out more information to clarify the situation.The Church have asked if the parish council will consider on a regular basis to pay for the cutting of the churchyard. This item will be added to the agenda to be discussed further.Highways: To note any new problems within the parishCouncillor Oldfield reported: No road marking on Druids Lane and the road surface is bad. Also, the Litcham sign is damaged and need replacing the clerk to report this.Councillor Lawrence reported a pothole on Dereham Road, the clerk will be reporting this.Outstanding highways issues: Please see the full minutes for the outstanding highways problems. District Councillor Kiddle-Morris will be chasing these up.Finances: The financial position at the end of August was considered and payments authorised.Vacancies on the Parish Council: There is currently one vacancy and if any parishioners wish to become a member please contact the clerk or any of the Councillors. 

To confirm that the next meeting of Litcham Parish Council is to be held Monday 2nd November at 7.30pm at Jubilee Hall. You can email the Mileham clerk at 

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