Litcham Common

The Hole!
Some people will have noticed the big square hole in the turf not far from the corral.  This is where someone has dug up and taken away a holly tree.  Contrary to popular belief all commons have an owner, in the case of Litcham Common this being Lexham Hall Estate, and the removal of plants, trees or logs without permission is theft.  In addition, Litcham Common is governed by bylaws which prohibit ‘removing or damaging any plant or other vegetation whether living or dead’ without permission.  Please ask a member of the common’s management committee before taking things from the common; we like to think we are a reasonable group of people! (And for the absolute avoidance of doubt, we have no objection at all to activities such as picking blackberries!) A full copy of the bylaws can be viewed on Litcham’s website at the bottom of the Litcham Common tab headed ‘Management’.

On a more positive front, we are very grateful indeed for the way in which many regular users of the common help care for it, for example by removing litter as they walk round or reporting any problems they spot.  Thank you.

Conservation Group
The next monthly conservation task will take place on Saturday 10th August starting at 10am.  Please contact Tim Angell on 01328 700045 if you are interested in joining us.

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