At the July Parish Council meeting which was attended by seven Councillors, County and District Councillor M Kiddle Morris and one member of the public the following was considered:

Planning: Applications. The Parish Council raised an objection to the demolition of existing garage and outbuildings and erection of 2 new dwellings and associated car parking at 1 Albion Terrace Front Street. The reasons for an objection are the highway safety issues at this point as detailed by the Highways Officer, the overshadowing and overlooking of the dwellings and the form and scale of the development as these would overshadow and overlook the dwellings on Manor Drive. The Parish Council also noted the concerns raised by several parishioners one of whom was present at the meeting. The Parish Council also objected to the application for 2 detached single storey dwellings and garages on land to the rear of Fourways Mileham Road. The members felt that the access was unsuitable and that in the future the dwellings would be sheltered from all light which could lead to the request to fell trees within a conservation area. The members could also see little change from the previous application which was refused.

Decisions: There were no decisions to report.

Parking at the Primary School. Representatives from the Parish Council had attended the second meeting to discuss the problem of transporting children from the High School to the Primary School. The police attended and had suggested whether there could be staggered dropping off times to alleviate the parking problems. The landowner is also to be approached to see if any land can be released to provide parking spaces and a re-sited footway.

Highways: The County Councillor has requested the Highways Engineer to consider a three-way junction at the Bull crossroads to stop mainly cyclists speeding into the junction on Tittleshall Road. He has also requested that improved markings on the road be installed on Butt Lane. The Clerk had received a complaint about parking on Back Street and the owner of the property is to be written to. The owner of the property on Butt Lane where the hedge is overhanging the road at the Mount is also to be written to. Norfolk County Council had confirmed that the potholes on Tittleshall Road are to be repaired. The following is to be reported to Norfolk County Council: – the cutting back of hedges on Back Lane, the footway on Lexham Road, the cutting of the verges and the spraying and clearing of paths and lay-bys

Dog Fouling: The Parish Council had contacted the Dog Warden and it is pleased that the dog fouling has reduced. If you see any person not clearing up after their dog please report them to the Dog Warden on 01362 858500.

County and District Councillor Reports. The County Councillor reported that he had little to report from County or District as few meetings had been held since May. He informed the members that it appears that Highways England are prevaricating on the dualling of the A47 and it seems as though it does not wish to go ahead with this. The County Council is bidding for a further £200 million to be added to the £300 million already received but not yet used for the improvements.

The next meeting of Litcham Parish Council is due to be held on 2 September 2019at 7.30 the Jubilee Hall. All parishioners are cordially invited to attend and the first part of the meeting is set aside for parishioners to raise issues with the Parish Council. The full minutes are available for viewing by any parishioner by contacting the Clerk on 01362 861112 or on the Litcham website,

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