Warning about drivers being targeted with  ‘fake’ fines
We are highlighting a warning from Action Fraud about an increase in reports and intelligence where elderly victims are being targeted by individuals purporting to be police officers or traffic wardens.
The victims are being approached whilst parked in a car park and are told by the suspect that they have parked illegally or broken a speed limit and a photo has been taken of their car for ‘evidence’.
Victims are advised that they will face a substantial penalty fine unless they pay a smaller upfront fee immediately.  Victims, who opt for paying the smaller penalty, will be directed to a parking meter and asked to enter their card and PIN.  These parking meters have been tampered with by the suspect in order to retain the card.
Once the victim inserts their card and are asked for their PIN, the victims are shoulder surfed for their PIN by the suspect.  Once victims input their PIN, the card is retained by the machine and victims are told by the suspect to seek help from the company who operates the parking meter or their bank.

Action Fraudare providing the following advice to protect yourself from this fraud:
* If you are suspicious about the authenticity of the fine, do not pay
it until you have verified it with your local council
* Always shield your PIN from view when using an ATM or payment
machine, and never share your PIN with anyone
* If your bank card is retained by an ATM or payment machine, contact
your bank immediately to inform them
* You can have been targeted by this fraud contact Action Fraud using
their online form
or by telephone on 0300 123 2040

Telephone cold calls claiming to be from ‘Mastercard’
We have received a number reports from Norfolk residents about recorded message telephone cold calls claiming to be from ‘Mastercard’.
During the call the message states that a large payment, usually several hundred pounds, has been made to a foreign account.  The message then provides options to ‘block all further transactions’ and to speak to the ‘fraud team’.
There may be a number of variations to these calls stating different amounts or reasons for the call.
We always advise people to be very wary of claims made during telephone cold calls.  If you receive this or a similar recorded message call our advice is do not interact with the call and hang up.
If you are concerned about the security of a credit card account contact your card provider directly using the Customer Service number printed on the card – never use details provided in a cold call.
If you have received a telephone cold call which you believe to be a scam you can report it to us via our partners, the Citizens Advice consumer helpline on 03454 04 05 06
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