Bell ringing for the Armistice Centenary

bell-ringers.jpgIn common with churches throughout the country, Litcham’s bells were rung on Remembrance Sunday to mark the Armistice centenary. Over the past few months two complete beginners have been learning especially for the event and two people have returned to ringing, in one case after a gap of over 50 years! Starting at 5pm on 11thNovember we rang a mixture of rounds and a method known as plain hunting.
Those who “rang for peace” were Tim Angell, Alan Buxton, David Couldwell, Diana Don, Karen Moore, Sue Langham-Fitt, Richard Potts, Chris Richmond and Françoise Walker. Special mention should go to Sue and Diana who over the past few months have persevered and learnt to ring from scratch. Remembrance Sunday was the first time they had rung in rounds with other ringers. Diana was inspired by stories of her great aunt who rang the church bells at Cawston on the day of the actual Armistice in 1918 and it is wonderful that she was able to carry on the family tradition 100 years later.

We always welcome new ringers, young or old.
Please contact Tim Angell on 01328 700045 if you want to give bell ringing a try.



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