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Welcome to*/the Silver Social/ August* *Newsletter!*
We had the first event for our *Autumn/Winter Programme 2019* last week with Spiltmilk Dance and lots more exciting events still to come!

September/November Workshops with Print To The People
Our *Silver Social Autumn/Winter 2019 Programme* is off to a great start so far. Desert Island Flicks by Spiltmilk Dance received great reviews from Silver Social audiences last week. In September and November we have letterpress printing workshops with Print To The People <>, some venues however, are already fully booked. We still have some availability at Thetford Library in September and in November we have availability at Thetford, Dereham and Swaffham. They are filling up fast so make sure you book yourself in to avoid disappointment.
To book :
website – <>
or call: 01362 656870 / email:



October Silver Social Performance –
‘The Origin of Species’ by Tangram Theatre
Tangram Theatre will be performing “The Origin of Species” for us in October. The show is a joyful, exhilarating musical comedy about Charles Darwin, whose (r)evolutionary ideas would change humanity forever – and his real life race to finish fittest in the discovery of evolution. The Origin of Species has now been performed over 200 times at leading international venues and festivals including the Royal Albert Hall and Natural History Museum, receiving critical acclaim and standing ovations across the world.
Tickets are £5 including refreshments. Reserving tickets is recommended.**To book online go to* <>*, call 01362 656870
or email

FREE Transport available
*Free Transport* is available to any of our venues *for all workshops
and performances*for residents without access to a car or public
transport. To book, please contact us at least 3 working days prior to
the event or make a note when you book.

Call 01362 656870 or email

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Housekeeper Wanted

My wonderful more-than-housekeeper of nearly 30 years has very sadly decided that the needs of elderly parents and children and grandchildren mean that she can no longer help me.
I’m therefore looking for help in the house for 3 mornings a week, but would be happy for two or even three people to job share. I need someone honest, reliable, hard-working,efficient and able to use initiative.
I live just outside Litcham
For more details, please call Holly Gold on 07775881853

Macmillan Cancer Care Events

The Methodist Chapels at both Tittleshall and Litcham will be supporting Macmillan Cancer Care again this September, bit this year will be joining together to bring two very different events.
Tittleshall will be hosting a traditional coffee morning on Saturday 7thSeptember  between 10am and noon, while at Litcham there will be an afternoon buffet tea from 5pm on Saturday 28thSeptember  followed by live music entertainment.
The Litcham event will be ticket only due to the constriction of space.  Tickets will be free, but you will be asked to give a donation of whatever you feel is appropriate.
Tickets will be available from Ailsa Warburton (01328 700981) or Stephen Lynn (01328 700978).
We will also welcome any offers to donate food for either of the events to help this wonderful cause.

Litcham Common

The Hole!
Some people will have noticed the big square hole in the turf not far from the corral.  This is where someone has dug up and taken away a holly tree.  Contrary to popular belief all commons have an owner, in the case of Litcham Common this being Lexham Hall Estate, and the removal of plants, trees or logs without permission is theft.  In addition, Litcham Common is governed by bylaws which prohibit ‘removing or damaging any plant or other vegetation whether living or dead’ without permission.  Please ask a member of the common’s management committee before taking things from the common; we like to think we are a reasonable group of people! (And for the absolute avoidance of doubt, we have no objection at all to activities such as picking blackberries!) A full copy of the bylaws can be viewed on Litcham’s website at the bottom of the Litcham Common tab headed ‘Management’.

On a more positive front, we are very grateful indeed for the way in which many regular users of the common help care for it, for example by removing litter as they walk round or reporting any problems they spot.  Thank you.

Conservation Group
The next monthly conservation task will take place on Saturday 10th August starting at 10am.  Please contact Tim Angell on 01328 700045 if you are interested in joining us.

Norfolk Wildlife Trust guided walk

 About 30 people attended the guided walk led by Nick Acheson of the Norfolk Wildlife Trust on 8th July as part of Norfolk Commons Week.  Nick helped us appreciate the sights, sounds and smells of the amazingly diverse wildlife we have on our doorstep and at the same time emphasised how precious yet vulnerable our remaining areas of unimproved natural grassland and heath are. This was an informative and inspiring event and we are very grateful to the Wildlife Trust for organising it.

Litcham Entertainment Group (LEGs)


This year’s pantomime, Alice in Wonderland, will be performed on the  24th,25th 26thOctober.
Rehearsals are going really well and we are getting lots of practice how to: accurately throw custard pies, do the conga and to top it all, Elvis will be in the building!
Tickets will be available in September.


At the July Parish Council meeting which was attended by seven Councillors, County and District Councillor M Kiddle Morris and one member of the public the following was considered:

Planning: Applications. The Parish Council raised an objection to the demolition of existing garage and outbuildings and erection of 2 new dwellings and associated car parking at 1 Albion Terrace Front Street. The reasons for an objection are the highway safety issues at this point as detailed by the Highways Officer, the overshadowing and overlooking of the dwellings and the form and scale of the development as these would overshadow and overlook the dwellings on Manor Drive. The Parish Council also noted the concerns raised by several parishioners one of whom was present at the meeting. The Parish Council also objected to the application for 2 detached single storey dwellings and garages on land to the rear of Fourways Mileham Road. The members felt that the access was unsuitable and that in the future the dwellings would be sheltered from all light which could lead to the request to fell trees within a conservation area. The members could also see little change from the previous application which was refused.

Decisions: There were no decisions to report.

Parking at the Primary School. Representatives from the Parish Council had attended the second meeting to discuss the problem of transporting children from the High School to the Primary School. The police attended and had suggested whether there could be staggered dropping off times to alleviate the parking problems. The landowner is also to be approached to see if any land can be released to provide parking spaces and a re-sited footway.

Highways: The County Councillor has requested the Highways Engineer to consider a three-way junction at the Bull crossroads to stop mainly cyclists speeding into the junction on Tittleshall Road. He has also requested that improved markings on the road be installed on Butt Lane. The Clerk had received a complaint about parking on Back Street and the owner of the property is to be written to. The owner of the property on Butt Lane where the hedge is overhanging the road at the Mount is also to be written to. Norfolk County Council had confirmed that the potholes on Tittleshall Road are to be repaired. The following is to be reported to Norfolk County Council: – the cutting back of hedges on Back Lane, the footway on Lexham Road, the cutting of the verges and the spraying and clearing of paths and lay-bys

Dog Fouling: The Parish Council had contacted the Dog Warden and it is pleased that the dog fouling has reduced. If you see any person not clearing up after their dog please report them to the Dog Warden on 01362 858500.

County and District Councillor Reports. The County Councillor reported that he had little to report from County or District as few meetings had been held since May. He informed the members that it appears that Highways England are prevaricating on the dualling of the A47 and it seems as though it does not wish to go ahead with this. The County Council is bidding for a further £200 million to be added to the £300 million already received but not yet used for the improvements.

The next meeting of Litcham Parish Council is due to be held on 2 September 2019at 7.30 the Jubilee Hall. All parishioners are cordially invited to attend and the first part of the meeting is set aside for parishioners to raise issues with the Parish Council. The full minutes are available for viewing by any parishioner by contacting the Clerk on 01362 861112 or on the Litcham website,


Doorstep cold callers offering to ‘pressure  wash’ driveways
We are warning residents to be on their guard after receiving reports of a doorstep cold caller in the Dereham area offering to ‘pressure wash’ driveways.
Never deal with anyone who cold calls at your property offering to undertake work on or around your property.
Anyone concerned about possible rogue trader activity in Norfolk can contact Trading Standards through our partners the Citizens Advice consumer helpline via their online reporting form <> or by telephone on 03454 04 05 06.

Looking for a Trader you can Trust? Try a Norfolk Trusted Trader. To search our directory and read feedback from their customers visit<>

Doorstep cold callers offering to lay tarmac
We are warning residents to be on their guard after receiving reports of doorstep cold callers in the Dereham area offering to ‘lay tarmac’. The cold callers are claiming the tarmac is ‘surplus’ from another job ‘nearby’.
Never deal with cold callers looking to undertake work on or around your property. If you are looking to have this type of work done only deal with reputable companies you have researched and chosen yourself and have obtained a written quotation from.
Anyone concerned about possible rogue trader activity in Norfolk can contact Trading Standards through our partners the Citizens Advice consumer helpline via their online reporting form <> or by telephone on 03454 04 05 06.
Looking for a Trader you can Trust? Try a Norfolk Trusted Trader. To search our directory and read feedback from their customers visit<>


Warning about drivers being targeted with  ‘fake’ fines
We are highlighting a warning from Action Fraud about an increase in reports and intelligence where elderly victims are being targeted by individuals purporting to be police officers or traffic wardens.
The victims are being approached whilst parked in a car park and are told by the suspect that they have parked illegally or broken a speed limit and a photo has been taken of their car for ‘evidence’.
Victims are advised that they will face a substantial penalty fine unless they pay a smaller upfront fee immediately.  Victims, who opt for paying the smaller penalty, will be directed to a parking meter and asked to enter their card and PIN.  These parking meters have been tampered with by the suspect in order to retain the card.
Once the victim inserts their card and are asked for their PIN, the victims are shoulder surfed for their PIN by the suspect.  Once victims input their PIN, the card is retained by the machine and victims are told by the suspect to seek help from the company who operates the parking meter or their bank.

Action Fraudare providing the following advice to protect yourself from this fraud:
* If you are suspicious about the authenticity of the fine, do not pay
it until you have verified it with your local council
* Always shield your PIN from view when using an ATM or payment
machine, and never share your PIN with anyone
* If your bank card is retained by an ATM or payment machine, contact
your bank immediately to inform them
* You can have been targeted by this fraud contact Action Fraud using
their online form
or by telephone on 0300 123 2040

Telephone cold calls claiming to be from ‘Mastercard’
We have received a number reports from Norfolk residents about recorded message telephone cold calls claiming to be from ‘Mastercard’.
During the call the message states that a large payment, usually several hundred pounds, has been made to a foreign account.  The message then provides options to ‘block all further transactions’ and to speak to the ‘fraud team’.
There may be a number of variations to these calls stating different amounts or reasons for the call.
We always advise people to be very wary of claims made during telephone cold calls.  If you receive this or a similar recorded message call our advice is do not interact with the call and hang up.
If you are concerned about the security of a credit card account contact your card provider directly using the Customer Service number printed on the card – never use details provided in a cold call.
If you have received a telephone cold call which you believe to be a scam you can report it to us via our partners, the Citizens Advice consumer helpline on 03454 04 05 06
To manage your contact details, additional information and subscriptions, please login through the member portal <>.